Here you can find some quick info about the kind of pottery we make

  • All Foltz pottery is made using 200 year old PA German traditional methods except for the glaze, which is lead free and can be used with food.
  • Redware pottery cannot withstand drastic changes in temperature.Pie plates can be used for baking. When baking or serving food we always wet the back of the pottery. This warms the pottery and makes it less susceptible to temperature changes.
  • The pottery will withstand dishwasher use. The back of the pottery must be air dried for several hours before stacking. Platters and plates should be at room temperature or warmed slightly before using to serve very hot food.
  • The pitchers, bowls and mugs are glazed inside, but the bottoms will draw moisture. Therefore, if using for storage of liquids over a long period of time, it is advisable to put a plate underneath them to protect your furniture.