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Celebrating over 55 years of making Lancaster County Redware Pottery!

Upcoming Event:

Nov. 4 from 5pm to 8pm – Annual Candlelight Show

At The Foltz Pottery Shop

We Thank You.

To all who have sent cards, paid visits, and made phone calls and meals, we thank you for your love and kindness after the passing of our beloved Gwen. Ned and the entire Foltz Pottery family thanks you from the depths of our hearts. We know that things will never be quite the same, but be encouraged… Beyond her many talents, Gwen Foltz was always happy to share her tips and tricks with anyone who asked. No one will ever be able to do things quite like she did, but there are many people who are chipping in and helping to fill the gap. We hope to see you at the Foltz Pottery Shop and continue the Joy & Hospitality of Gwen Foltz.

We can’t believe that we have been making pottery for a half century! We have been blessed with overwhelming support and patronage over the past 50 years, and we can’t say thank you enough. When we began in 1962, we could have never imagined what we are doing now.

The Foltz Pottery shop has become more than a business; it’s become a family. Every time we have a show at our shop, we look forward to catching up with our friends that we have met over these many years. We love to share our pottery (and of course, our food!) with those who enjoy it most.

We hope that you have enjoyed these past 50 years as much as we have.

God Bless, and we hope to see you for many more years to come!

Many, many thanks,

Ned & the Foltz Pottery Family